Natural Wine

Finding a suitable wine from our criteria of natural and healthy that do not have toxicity, is not so easy. There are thousands of quite
different wines on the market, with different seals and certifications, but what we are looking for is that the qualities of the grape are really respected and that they provide us with their healthy properties, without adding toxic substances. Natural wine is what we all believe wine should be: wine made with GRAPE, ONLY GRAPE AND WITHOUT ADDITIVES of any kind, respecting the natural
processes of its fermentation, production and above all respecting the work in the vineyard.

The producers, the consumers and us, we share the same philosophy of life, of caring for the harvest and caring for the hard work to
achieve the best products. It is going back to the source, of understanding that we are what we eat and drink. And that large productions are not sustainable over time. That is why we decided to embark on this fascinating world to share with you how wonderful it is.