Hi! we are Vane & Jose, Uruguayans, married, friends and now also co-workers in La Producteria, nice to meet you!

We disembarked 
in Madrid on July 18, 2020 to move forward with the goal of changing our lives and being able to work on something we love every day. We left Uruguay in July 2019 to land in a distant territory somewhere in the Middle East. The Pandemic made us rethink our lives and that is why we have decided to unpack in this beautiful and cosmopolitan city to open the doors of the store.

We arrived knowing 
no one and nowhere but with our minds clear, we visited many local producers, we sat in squares, we visited hidden neighborhoods and we got down to work, We fell in love with Chueca.

Come visit us 
and besides of receiving a good natural wine recommendation or a gourmet product, you can take home a smile and maybe two new friends.